Bridges and Transportation Structures

Analysis and Used Material Issues

Bridge Design Practice, Code and Standards

Bridges as Solutions to Societies Transportation Issues

Construction & Rehabilitation

Behavior, Design and Extreme Loads

Foundations and Substructures

Inspection, Assessment, and Evaluation

Monitoring, Serviceability and Smart Bridges

Resilience and Sustainability


Tall Buildings

Codes and Standards -Buildings

Connection Detailing and Design

Construction & Varied Building Types

Damping, Isolation and Smart Structures

Extreme Load Issues (fire, seismic, flood) Disproportionate Collapse

Foundations and Substructures

Resilience and Sustainability

Restoration and Repair of Existing Structures

Natural Disasters

Climate Change





Response of Structures, Blast & Impact Loading

Blast and Impact Load Characterization

Computational Methods

Non-structural components

Post blast issues

Progressive Collapse

Risk Assessment

Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Seismic Design of Structures

Special Structures

Structural Analysis and Design

Design and Analysis of Steel, Composite, Masonry and Timber

Computational Methods of Analysis

Hybrid Simulation

New Research

Novel Structural Materials


Risk and Reliability Analysis

Structural Control

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Optimization Methodology & Applications

Structural Testing

Thin-Walled Structures

Structural Mechanics

Numerical Methods and Algorithms

Innovation in Design and Construction

Soil-Structure Interaction

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Dam Structures

Active and Passive Control of Structures

Construction Technology and Methods